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Traffic fatalities in Dubai decline 9%

Road accidents increase 7% with male drivers the biggest offenders

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Dubai: Traffic fatalities in Dubai declined 9 per cent last year with road accidents claiming 122 lives in 2012 compared to 134 in 2011, according to Dubai Police. Traffic accidents, however, increased 7 per cent in the same period.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Chief of Dubai Police Traffic Department, attributed the decline in fatalities to strict policing. The police plan to reduce fatalities to zero per 100,000 of the population in the next seven years. “We plan to enforce a law making drivers reduce speed near traffic signals,” Maj Gen Al Zafein said.

Some 1,481 people were injured in 2,818 accidents last year.

“Female drivers caused 128 accidents last year, which resulted in five people being killed and 220 injured,” Major Gen Al Zafein said. Male drivers caused 1,330 accidents claiming 116 lives and injuring 2,161, out of which 164 were severe injuries.

Some 17 accidents were caused by drivers who fled the scene. These resulted in one death and 21 injuries.

Maj Gen Al Zafein said 301 traffic accidents took place because drivers were not paying attention on the road. 40 people died and 314 were injured in these incidents.

At least 479 accidents were caused by drivers not keeping a safe distance between vehicles, resulting in 13 deaths and 410 injuries.

Maj Gen Al Zafein said sudden swerving caused 473 accidents resulting in 21 deaths and 495 injuries. Not maintaining lane discipline caused 299 accidents with six deaths. Carelessness caused 146 accidents with four deaths.

Traffic statistics show that Indians topped the list of traffic offenders last year. They were involved in 340 accidents that claimed 31 lives and injured 566.

Emiratis stood second with 292 accidents resulting in 29 deaths, followed by Pakistanis with 340 accidents causing 26 deaths. Bangladeshi drivers were responsible for six deaths and Egyptians caused four deaths.

“In 2011, Emirati drivers caused 258 accidents, killing 32 while Indians caused 328 accidents killing 22. Pakistanis topped the list with 312 accidents killing 34 people,” Maj Gen Al Zafein said.