New drivers: tell RTA what you think on Dubai instructors

Form evaluates areas for improvement, including examiners’ performance

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Dubai: If you feel you were dealt with unfairly by your examiner or your instructor during your quest to obtain a driving licence in Dubai, fret not as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) wants to hear from you.

The Driver Training and Qualification Department at the RTA Licensing Agency has launched a new initiative called “Afedna” (Arabic for “Advise us”), which aims to compile constructive opinions of those who have recently obtained their driving licenses.

The survey is aimed at gathering feedback from previous students from all driving schools with the purpose of reviewing and improving the curriculum, level of service and performance of all agencies.

“The main objective is to give students the freedom to express their opinion without fear that his opinion might backfire on him,” Hussain Al Saffar, Director of Driver Training and Qualification at the RTA, told Gulf News.

“We constantly seek to lay down development initiatives and plans that aim to promote and develop the driving schools in Dubai at the highest international standards in this field.”

The questionnaire, which is in both Arabic and English, is consistent with the vision of the Licensing Agency which aims to produce “safe drivers, safe vehicles and internationally high standard services”.

Al Saffar said the questionnaire covers four points in general: the curriculum, the services provided by the driving school, the rights and responsibilities of both students and the driving school and the performance of the RTA examiners.

Al Saffar said the questions are practical in that they will explore the efficiency of the curriculum and its implementation, how satisfactory the driving schools’ services were and if the student got value for his money and was not charged extra fees.


Regarding the RTA examiners, Al Saffar said questions will centre on the examiner’s fairness and if they adhered to the minimum examination time of around 15 minutes.

“This survey will be used as a tool to measure the efficiency of our methodologies in order to improve our policies if there is a need for it,” Al Saffar said.

A similar survey was conducted last year where 600 newly licensed drivers gave their feedback. Based on the results, Al Saffar said they reviewed and presented them to people at the driving schools to give them a chance to improve under close monitoring.

Among the issues raised were adjusting the training timings and the use of emergency brakes. Al Saffar said his office is already looking into this.

As for the examiners who are RTA employees, Al Saffar said his department will share the feedback with them and give them a chance to improve. If the need arises, another RTA evaluator will be present during road examinations to evaluate the examiner.


  • Girish

    Aug 21, 2013 4:50

    I had given 7 tests for automatic four wheeler license. Still I am notsuccessful. I got arround 7 examiners during this period. No one explainedthe real problem with. Even my 3 instructors also not showed anycourtesy to read the evaluation paper and correct it. Till date 1 gave10k plus dirhams to my institution. Next week again I am having my test.

  • Geeta Mohan

    Aug 21, 2013 4:42

    I am driving in Dubai for the last 5.5 years. My instructor was one of the best, I would say. Her name is Farhat, a very knowledgeable and efficient trainer who wasthorough with the latest driving rules and regulations, more specific to a learner. She used to give me wonderful tips for a safe and enjoyable driving. The examiners that I had were all rude and quite unfriendly. While I can always recall my learning experience with pleasure, I hateto do so when it comes to my road test experience!

  • shahzad

    Aug 21, 2013 4:36

    One of the guy above said that the driving institutes are giving extra classes for learners, so means extra dues and he suggested lumpsum amount should be fixed till date of getting license, i am not satisfied with this suggestion, if it happens institutes will give training up to the time to which they are paid and after that no interest and no reward will be there for sure even after that no person will get extra class without thinking/noticing whether he or she is in need of getting some or not and wht will happen next? License will be given some day may be depending on luck and he will join us on roads and than danger is there for each and every driver and we all knows very well, if there's one mistake on road, someone else also have to pay for ...... So please drive safely......

  • Anonymous

    Aug 21, 2013 4:18

    I had a license from my country and was given 40 classes, failed 3 times in Dubai though had 6 years experience of driving in a big city of 4 million. Had to move to Abu Dhabi where the system is by far much better. They will give you a chance to pass a test if you are holding the Driving License of your country. I registered; next day went for the signal test the following day for a road test and passed with no difficulties. In Abu Dhabi you will have 2 people to examine you and no one else in the car.

  • mariappan

    Aug 21, 2013 4:02

    this is very good . but also i request while giving test by the instructer find their mistake . immediately they put fail. but student doesn't know what kind of mistake he did. request the tester pls keep inform the student what mistake he did. so that he will recitfy and understand the problem. thanks regards.

  • moiz

    Aug 21, 2013 4:02

    it is a very good initiative started by the Dubai government, I hope something similar in line this should be started by Sharjah.

  • Daniel

    Aug 21, 2013 3:33

    I obtained my drivers license in the UAE and driving for the last eight years safely. However, I am afraid to drive in my country (Asia). Experience in home country must not be taken into consideration in UAE for granting drivers license.

  • Anonymous

    Aug 21, 2013 3:23

    I recently joined the driving institute and experienced the same situation as described above. They instructor were so harsh and rude that it seems that we pay them nothing. Mobile phone should be ban for the instructor in the car, this is the main cause which free them from the teaching responsibility. Secondly, RTA should establish a strongmonitoring process for the examiner that they will not be biased with the students.In addition, its very difficult to arrange such a hefty amount for the driving license so how can a salaried person afford it?

  • Saleena Sasidharan

    Aug 21, 2013 3:06

    I believe that both Driving schools and RTA examiners are performing well. I had license in my home country, but still took upto 40 classes to get my license on the second chance. I know that i failed the first as i made a mistake, as the Examiner said i would have passed if that was not made. My instructor taught me well to avoid that mistake during my second test. however, it is not only getting the license but driving very safe is most important.

  • Sam

    Aug 21, 2013 3:04

    I dont think it will make any diffrence for the learners. Driving schools still manage to get a lot of money out of our pockets by internal test. they give us extra classes whether we fail or pass in the internal test. i was given total of 28 extra classes after each internal test. They keep failing us without any reason. examiners are alsovery rude and arrogant. they dont realize. they make the candidates more nervous with their rude behaviors and because of this people make end up making mistakes.

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I had given 7 tests for automatic four wheeler license. Still I am notsuccessful. I got arround 7 examiners during this period. No one explainedthe real problem with. Even my 3 instructors also not showed anycourtesy to read the evaluation paper and correct it. Till date 1 gave10k plus dirhams to my institution. Next week again I am having my test.


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