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Man crushed between two cars

Victim was checking his burst tyre on highway

Image Credit: Courtesy/Dubai Police
The man was killed on the spot when he was crushedbetween a woman’s car and his sport utility vehicle.
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Dubai: A 64-year-old Emirati was killed on the spot on Wednesday when he was crushed between a woman’s car and his sport utility vehicle (SUV) while checking his burst tyre on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

A 42-year-old Filipina was driving at 110km/h when she ran into the man, according to Senior Chief Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP).

The accident happened at around 7.40pm when the Filipina, who was taken into custody, was driving towards the vegetable market roundabout.

“The accident happened on the highway’s fifth lane shortly after the Emirati stepped out of his SUV to check the ruptured tyre, according to the onsite inspections that were done by Senior Traffic Prosecutor Ammar Al Danhani. The female motorist did not use her brakes when she knocked over the victim. According to preliminary investigations, the Filipina claimed that there was another car in front of her before it suddenly veered off to avoid the victim’s car that was stopped in the middle of the road. She alleged that she suddenly spotted the victim’s car,” said Bu Farousha.

As soon as Al Danhani reached the accident site, he discovered that the Emirati had put on his hazard lights to warn drivers coming from behind.

The victim’s 50-year-old wife, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, escaped unharmed.

“However her statement could not be taken because she suffered an emotional breakdown. The Filipina and her 22-year-old daughter were also not injured by the accident. The case has been referred to the Traffic Public Prosecution for further interrogations. We have also asked Dubai Police’s traffic experts to provide us with the detailed report about the accident,” added Bu Farousha.

Seven Emiratis have died in traffic accidents during the first half of this year, according to the TPP’s head.

“Five victims were responsible for their own deaths. Six Emiratis were responsible for the deaths of others. We call on drivers and road users to constantly abide by traffic laws,” Bu Farousha said.