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Weight loss success: From 145kg to less than 90kg

Case study: Bariatric surgery to the rescue

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Dubai: It is difficult to shed the extra kilograms if you are overweight or obese, but here is a case where a man succeeded and is on his way to a healthier life.

The man in his late 30s (who did not wish to be identified) was dejected because of his massive weight of 145kg. “He is tall but his BMI was way over the limit,” said Dr Prakash Pania, specialist endocrinologist at Aster Medical Centre.

The man was dejected because of the various complications that come with being overweight such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high uric acid. Most of the weight gain for the man was in his hips and abdomen.

“He was motivated enough to give up smoking,” the doctor said who recommended bariatric surgery for the patient.

A bariatric procedure involves surgical changes to the stomach and digestive system, limiting the amount of food one can eat.

“He looks like a film star,” said the doctor.

The man now weighs just under 90kg.

The specialist said in most of the cases the weight gain is due to a bad lifestyle. He said only a very small percentage of people get obese due to their genes or hormonal imbalance.

Obese and overweight people have other problems as well, such as depression and sleep apnoea which does not allow you sleep properly because of breathing problems. “Their lifespan could be shortened due to heart problems and rising blood pressure,” said the doctor.