I lost 50 kilos in 9 months: Pakistan expat, 21, in UAE

Waistline reduced from 52in to 34in through exercise and dieting

Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News
Talha Bin Tariq 21 has lost 50 kilos through exercise and balanced diet.
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Dubai: In less than nine months, 21-year-old Pakistani expatriate Talha Bin Tarek lost 50 kilos, going from Plus size 6XL to regular medium. He managed to lose the excess weight, from 140 kilos down to 90 kilos, through regular exercise and healthy food choices.

“My waistline reduced from 52 to 34,” said Tarek, whose height is 6.1ft, speaking to Gulf News.

The business administration student didn’t take any pills or opt for surgery. “It was just sensible eating and dedicated physical exercise at my local gym in Ajman,” he said.

The push to change his “fat identity” were due to unflattering remarks from family members and friends at university.

Though chubby as a child, Tarek did not have serious weight issues. However he said it was only after his family relocated from their native country to the UAE that the weight became a problem.

Then aged 12, the availability of high-fat and sugar foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle led to steady weight gain. His food choices were dominated by chips, fizzy drinks, sweetened fruit juices and other fast food options.

“By 18,I weighed 120-125 kilos,” said Tarek, who tried to lose weight by dieting for a few months.

He gained the weight back quickly, returning to his unhealthy food choices and binging.

By the age of 20, while at university, he said his friends made fun of him. “I didn’t like myself – the way I looked. I had difficulty breathing and sleeping. I couldn’t buy clothes for my size easily,” said Tarek.

Then one day it hit him. Depressed and angry with himself for being obese, he hit the gym. “I didn’t tell anyone, not even my family. I suddenly realised how dangerously obese I was,” he said.

Almost every day for the next eight months, he spent up to four hours in the gym, alternating routines like walking, jogging, cycling and toning with light weights.

“Even on days that I had no energy and inclination, I dragged myself to the gym. I was desperate to lose the weight. I looked up the internet for healthy food and exercise advice. I counted calories and learnt to eat right, My mother cooked low calorie food and my father encouraged me to exercise. My gym instructor kept motivating me,” he said.

Now Tarek fits in with his peers, he said. “I am no longer called nasty names. To deal with the excess skin post weight loss, I will look at non-surgical medical options.”


  • Sheikh Arif

    19-Apr-2013 16:03

    WOW!! I am really inspired by you tarek, please if possible to share your diet plan and work out plans then please do it , GOD Bless you

  • Anonymous

    19-Apr-2013 16:01

    Thanks .. I am really impressed by this news .. I am sure I ll lose my weight as soon as possible ..

  • Ayesha

    19-Apr-2013 15:14

    awesome work dude............... give us the tips to lose weight.. Gulfnews!!! com on ask this guy to share the diet wid us :D

  • Asad Malik

    19-Apr-2013 13:15

    Being inspired by you, i will also follow what you did. Thanks Gulf News for sharing.

  • Raju

    19-Apr-2013 12:38

    Yes possible i lot 10 kg within 95 days normal 45mnts walking, sky walk 15 mnts. walking is best forever

  • Shannon

    19-Apr-2013 12:31

    well done . I wish I do get the courgae and the will power that you did as I am no lesser that what you were hope i could get some tips excellent if you could why cant we all who are on the heavier side do it, Great work ...

  • Rana

    19-Apr-2013 12:19

    Determination my friend.Keep it up.

  • MK

    19-Apr-2013 12:15

    Congrats! great achievement. Please share your diet, it could be helpful to others.

  • Jesi

    19-Apr-2013 11:55

    I would really appreciate if I could get ur diet n ur exercises as I have someone in my home same as ur ex waist line and same as ur ex weight .HOpe to get ur reply .

  • Fahad

    19-Apr-2013 11:39

    Great Job Buddy. Commitment is all it takes. What was your diet for the 9 months?

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