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Dubai to host seminar on working memory

Experts to discuss importance of working memory in educational settings

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Dubai: Ishara Consultants is geared up to host a seminar on working memory and its importance in educational settings.

“The working memory is a system for processing and storing information which plays an important role in children’s learning and attainment. For example, it shares close links with reading, comprehension, mathematics, and general school achievement. Working memory deficits are also observed in children with special educational needs,” said Maal Ainain Salama, chief executive of Ishara Consultants.

The event will take place on Thursday (February 21) at JW Marriot Hotel, Dubai, and will include a workshop on how this knowledge can be applied in attempts to improve learning.

Dr Helen St Clair-Thompson will be the main guest and speaker of the seminar. She has been a lecturer in psychology at the University of Hull since 2005, whose research interests are concerned with working memory; its cognitive underpinnings, its development, and potential improvement mechanisms.

Participants expected to attend include medical and mental health professionals, in addition to adults with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.