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Botched bariatric surgery results in Dh20m lawsuit

Patient claims incision in stomach was not properly closed

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Abu Dhabi: A bride-to-be has sued a medical facility in Abu Dhabi for Dh20 million claiming a botched bariatric surgery caused her physical, psychological and financial trauma.

The plaintiff, who underwent the operation in a private hospital, claimed that she suffered excruciating abdominal pain and her health began to deteriorate after the prodecure.

According to the plaintiff, medical check-ups revealed that a hole in her stomach caused infection. A doctor suggested she take a Barium-based medication, but it allegedly worsened her health. She eventually sought medical care abroad.

In Europe, the plaintiff reported going into a two-week coma and remained in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for two months until her health partially improved.

She alleged that tests done in the European facility showed that a failure to efficiently close the incision where the surgery was done, led to the formation of the hole.

The facility also concluded that negative reactions to the Barium-based medication led to several kidney infections and also affected the woman’s respiratory system.

Debt-ridden and retired from her job, the plaintiff is seeking compensation. She claimed her fiancée left her due to her physical state.

She has also requested that the Abu Dhabi hospital send her case files and documents to the court for the medical committee to evaluate.

The hospital in question has denied the charges and claimed that it provided the plaintiff with proper medical care. It claimed that what happened to the patient was the result of unpredictable side effects to the surgery and is related to the patient’s immunity and her body’s nature.

The case is under investigation.