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July 2 is verdict day for accused in UAE

The clandestine group is affiliated with the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood

Image Credit: WAM
Presiding Judge Falah Al Hajiri has order a probe into aspects of the case.
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Dubai: The 94 Emiratis accused of being members of a clandestine organisation that plotted to destabilise national security are currently awaiting their verdict, which will be announced on July 2.

The case, being held in the State Security Court at the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi, will ultimately decide the fate of the alleged members of the Al Islah organisation, which is affiliated with the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood.

Ten members of the clandestine organisation fled the country before they were arrested, and will be tried in absentia.

In the previous hearings that commenced last March, the prosecution accused the committees and divisions of the Al Islah organisation of carrying out communication with “international rights” organisations in Britain, Belgium, and Switzerland, with the intent of defaming the country in order to manipulate international public opinion and mobilise it against the UAE. During the trial, the Public Prosecution also called on for the maximum sentence of 15 years against the accused.


In the defence statements made by the suspects, consisting of 72 male and 12 female suspects, all of them declared their innocence and confirmed their loyalty to the government, in addition to refuting the allegations made against them by the Public Prosecution.

Defence lawyers argued that the procedures by which the suspects were arrested were illegal and that the arrests were carried out without first verifying the facts.

In their defence, the accused stated that their activities never went beyond their participation in cultural, religious, charitable and social activities that was run by the Al Islah organisation.

The suspects added that all of their activities were legitimate and none of the activities carried out were against the laws and regulations of the country. 

Presiding Judge Falah Al Hajiri had ordered an investigation into the allegations against the Public Prosecution, the validity of the suspects’ arrests and official documents related to the investigation, and stated that a fair verdict will be carried out according to the Emirati judicial system.