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Fire rescue sports car showcased at exhibition

Ministry of Interior Innovation Exhibition kicks off in Abu Dhabi

Image Credit: Courtesy: Organiser
A visiting girl gets a closer look through a binoculars at a stand at the UAE innovation week exhibition on Wednesday.
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Abu Dhabi: A fire rescue C7 Corvette sports car equipped with water and foam tanks, for quick intervention when traffic accidents lead to fiery wrecks on highways, is on display at the Ministry of Interior Innovation Exhibition, which opened on Tuesday.

The exhibition is being held as part of the UAE Innovation Week and runs until November 26 at Yas Mall.

The exhibition showcased a range of innovations, such as, the ‘flying navigator’ with built-in cameras used for tracking fire incidents in high towers and skyscrapers, a ‘sea rescue aircraft’ with four built-in cameras used to assist rescue teams looking for drowning victims that can scan between 3 to 15 kilometres, a portable ‘fingerprint device’ placed in vehicles that can be used at crime scenes for sample and evidence collection, a ‘traffic patrol drone’ for filming traffic congested areas, major traffic accidents and traffic offences using 4K high-definition cameras, and a ‘spirepon’ plane with 4K high-definition cameras for inspection of rooftops in residential, commercial, industrial, farming areas, as well as building violations.

Among the innovations displayed were also, ‘the first responder’ gadget that receives instant reports from the central operations room on traffic accidents, and allows rescue and emergency teams to request support, a smart portable device for civil defence teams that enables them to control traffic lights on intersections during rescue and emergency operations and a ‘fire-fighting plane’ that can fly up to one kilometre, designed to extinguish fires in elevated areas,

On display was also a security support patrol, shooting booth, smart helmet and a special needs safety wheelchair.

The ministry also showcased smart e-gates for travellers, which are currently utilised across airports in the country and presented the idea of the federal electronic gate of vehicles ‘markabati’, aimed at serving motorists and facilitating vehicle procedures, such as car insurance.

The innovations were created by the ministry’s staff with the aim of serving the community better in terms of emergency response as well as to fulfil the government’s efforts to support and motivate innovators.

Col. Mohammad Hamid Dalmooj Al Daheri, general manager of strategy and performance development at the Ministry of Interior, hailed the country’s leadership for their keenness in encouraging innovation in the public and private sectors with the ultimate objective of raising the overall standard of public services.