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Emirates ID deadline soon for children under 15

Emirates ID registration centres not affected as children’s registration completed at typing centres

A typing centre at Mazaya Centre
Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/Gulf News
A typing centre at Mazaya Centre in Dubai accepts ID card applications. Children not yet registered for an Emirates ID card must be signed up for the national identity scheme by the end of September.
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Abu Dhabi: Children not yet registered for an Emirates ID card must be signed up for the national identity scheme by the end of the month.

Parents have until September 30 to complete registration for children up to 15 years old.

The deadline for children has not affected the Emirates ID registration centres across the country, as children’s registration is completed at typing centres.

About 1,100 centres across the country are open from early morning to late at night to avoid a rush.

To register for an ID card, or renew the existing one, children under 15 have to fill out an electronic application form with fee payment either online or at a typing centre.

Parents or representatives can submit at typing centres or upload online a passport-size picture.

They do not need to visit a registration centre as the authority does not take fingerprints of children under 15.

Most children have already registered.

“About 92 per cent of the children under 15 have registered so far,” an official spokesperson of Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) told Gulf News on Wednesday, without revealing any particular numbers.

He said some among the remaining 8 per cent of children, some would be exempt from the deadline as their residence visa may be expiring this year.

The authority had earlier announced children whose residence visa expires between October 1 and December 31 this year did not need to register before the September 30 deadline.

They can register while renewing their residence visa.

The authority has linked residence visa renewal and ID card registrations across the country.

Some children could not register due to a previous regulation which insisted on having independent passports for children.

But considering the fact that some nations do not issue independent passports to children until the age of 18, the authority changed the rule last week.

Children with passports attached to the passport of their parents have been allowed to register for ID cards from last Sunday.