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‘Egyptian prisoners being treated well’

Egyptian Ambassador to UAE: Prisoners were allowed to contact their families

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Abu Dhabi: The Egyptian ambassador to the UAE has said that the recently arrested Egyptian prisoners, who are currently being questioned in the UAE. are being treated in a humane manner.

Tamer Mansour, Egypt’s Ambassador, said that the prisoners who are in need of health care are being provided with the necessary medical services, and that they are being treated in line with the principles of the human rights framework.

“None of the prisoners has been subjected to physical or psychological pressure at all,” said Tamer.

He said that the prisoners were allowed a couple of days ago to contact their relatives to set the minds of their families and children at ease.

“Thanks to the understanding of Emirati officials to the state of uneasiness that is surrounding the prisoners’ families, the prisoners were allowed to contact their relatives to assure them that everything is all right,” said Tamer.

“As previously stated by the Emirati authorities numerous times before, the prisoners are being treated very well,” he added.

Tamer also expressed his gratitude and utmost respect for the UAE’s laws and judicial procedures.