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Female climber inspires young women in UAE

Female AUS community members express their pride

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The female members of the American University of Sharjah community expressed their pride in one of their student body making history high atop Mount Everest.

They stressed that the fact that she was a woman made her achievement twice as inspirational to them.

AUS alumni Mariam Fahmi, Egyptian, 27, who knew Moharrak personally was inspired by her achievement to follow her dreams

“I don’t think a few brief sentences can quite describe the pride behind Raha’s achievement. She has always had an energetic vibe, always pushed her friends and team players to excel. A very motivating and ambitious spirit. She is now a further inspiration to Arabs and women in specific, story-telling that nothing is impossible once you have a dream. I am now further encouraged to dream big. Thank you Raha.”

Sophomore at AUS Rubba Shawar, Palestinian, 19, was also inspired by the young adventurer’s achievement.

“She is definitely an inspiration to students that we can do anything in the world and personally, the fact that she is a female with such ability and determination makes me proud.”

Syrian national Reem Fakhri, 20, stated that her achievement empowers students to follow their dreams.

“Her accomplishment certainly can empower many students to follow their dreams no matter how impossible they seem to be attainable. She is certainly an inspiring person to look up to.”

— Noor Nazzal is a trainee at Gulf News