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Bee’ah helps businesses avoid data and identity theft

Environmental company provides confidential document, data destruction and recycling service

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Sharjah: Bee’ah, a leading environmental and waste management company based in Sharjah, is now urging businesses in the UAE to adopt proper document disposal procedures to reduce the risk of security breaches and identity theft cases.

In effort to avoid data theft, Bee’ah is providing a Confidential Document and Data Destruction and Recycling Service to businesses across the UAE.

To date, more than 1,750 tonnes of confidential documents have been safely disposed of and recycled during the past three years by Bee’ah’s on-site support as well as off-site destruction team.

“Every business and government entity regardless of its size possesses confidential information, be it client information, proprietary information, employee information, private information stored on paper or electronic media such as HDDs, back-up tapes, CDs, DVDs, SIM cards,” said Najib Faris, Vice-President of Business Development, Communications & Awareness at Bee’ah.

The Bee’ah service is designed to eliminate these threats by ensuring their clients that their confidential information is handled and destroyed in a timely, secure, professional, and environmentally-safe manner, he added.

Victims are often unaware of how their personal information was leaked, and are uninformed about the risks and threats of improper methods of document disposal.

“It can potentially jeopardise national security and is a contributor to massive financial losses for companies and individuals,” added Faris.

Considering the challenge organisations face when trying to dispose of their outdated storage media, many are often unaware that traces of deleted data may still exist in the memory of these devices.

To avoid such risks, Bee’ah uses state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks to destroy confidential documents, records, and materials.

“We also guarantee our clients that all documents that are destroyed are unreadable and unrecoverable and as such we provide certificates of destruction as proof,” he added.

Bee’ah’s division offers a number of services, including regular and one-time pickup, drop-off, and witnessed destruction. It also handles a variety of media, from paper to electronics to plastics and issues clients a certificate once all the shredded material is recycled.

Bee’ah is currently servicing more than 100 clients in different Emirates including major banks, insurance, legal, logistics, education, hospitality, telecommunication, medical and retail. Since the launch of the service in 2009, Bee’ah has issued 2,000 certificates to its clients which state the equivalent number of trees saved due to the service, totalling more than 25,000 trees.