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Abu Dhabi to start second phase of ‘Tariffs on Waste Producers’ in March

Companies and institutions that do not conform with the scheme will be penalised

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Abu Dhabi: The Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi on Monday announced the second phase of ‘Tariffs on Waste Producers’ will be rolled out on March 16 across the construction, commercial and industrial sectors.

It is part of the long-term objective to reduce waste production from commercial, industrial, construction and demolition activities by 80 per cent of its current volume by 2018. Currently, Abu Dhabi produces approximately 12 million tonnes of waste per year.

Abu Dhabi launched the Nadafa Programme in 2005, an initiative to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and promote the reduction of waste production at source. Offering a structured approach to waste management through imposing tariffs on waste, the programme monitors and records all activities on waste as part of its effort to overcome the environmental and economic impact of waste.

“The Tariff on Waste Producers programme reiterates our commitment to driving the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, which prioritises the preservation of the environment for the sustainable economic development of the nation. Through implementing the programme, the Centre mandates major waste producers, including facilities and companies within Abu Dhabi, to apply stipulated environment procedures and waste reduction practices, including recycling mechanisms in their daily business activities. Companies and institutions that do not conform to the scheme will be penalised.”

The Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi will introduce procedures for general facilities in the emirate producing less than 250 tons of waste per year. The Centre will also follow through with larger enterprises that produce more than 250 tonnes of waste annually through offering support in the application of best practices in waste management.

In collaboration with the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, the Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi will guide major facilities and companies in the emirate to use the services of environmental consultants for the purpose of adopting audit procedures in waste management.

To date, more than 9,500 companies and facilities in Abu Dhabi have registered with the Tariff on Waste Producers programme with around 99 per cent of the registered facilities having completed their procedures. Currently, nearly 60 per cent of the total volume of waste in Abu Dhabi comes from the demolition and construction sector, 20 per cent from the services and commercial sector, and the remaining seven per cent from allied sectors.

The Centre of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi through initiatives and facilities, including facilities for recycling demolitions and construction waste, organic waste, agriculture and oil waste, plastic waste, in addition to used tiers and others, targets to reduce waste production and increase the adoption of reuse and recycle practices in order to position Abu Dhabi as one of the best cities for waste management across the globe.