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Masdar offers internship in measuring water contamination

Emirati students urged to apply for six-week summer programme

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Abu Dhabi University students interested in conducting research on chemical contaminants in recycled water can now apply to the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI) to be part of a six-week summer internship project.

Applications are open to all Emirati university seniors in science, engineering or computer science and are scheduled to begin on July 1.

The project titled ‘Detection and Quantification of Emerging Contaminants in Abu Dhabi Recycled Water' will evaluate the baseline levels of chemical contaminants like pharmaceuticals, personal care products and hormones.

It will subsequently explore if better processes can be engineered for the removal of the chemicals.

"Water reclaimed from waste water is only supplied for irrigation or landscaping in the UAE. However, emerging chemical contaminants have to be removed or else these substances can accumulate in the environment and pose a risk to human and environmental receptors," said Dr Farrukh Ahmad, associate professor of water and environmental engineering at Masdar.

"We are offering this project as part of the summer internship so that students understand the risks associated with the usage of such water and find effective means of finding a solution."

To apply for the internship project log onto