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Emirati couples earning degrees hand-in-hand

Skyline University holds its 23rd graduation ceremony as focus shifts to three Emirati couples

  • Ahmad Abbas Al Ansari with his wife Shrouq Sayed Ali. Theycompleted Masters in Business Administration.Image Credit: Courtesy: Skyline University
  • Adnan Al Marzouqi and his wife Hannan Sameer Masoud AlKharusi earned their degrees together.Image Credit: Courtesy: Skyline University
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Sharjah: The highlight of Skyline University’s 23rd Graduation ceremony was the graduation of three Emirati couples where husbands and wives decided to enrol and complete their degrees together.

The ceremony was held at the University City Hall in Sharjah on Thursday.

“It was absolutely delighted to have done our studies in partnership,” said a thrilled Adnan Al Marzouqi (30) who completed his Master’s in business administration while his wife Hannan Sameer Masoud A Kharusi (30) completed her undergraduate BBA degree in International Business. Hannan added: “I would strongly advise all women to complete their degrees with their husbands as it was so much fun. We were able to encourage each other and also understand the need of cutting out socialising and spending time of helping each other with course work. It is a good think that Skyline is a co-ed college that helped us both be together and juggle our jobs while pursuing our studies.” Both of them are employed and are parents to four children. They were able to manage the evening classes with the help of nannies and feel the timings were perfectly tailored to their needs.

Ahmad Abbas al Ansari (38) and his wife Shrouq Sayed Ali (28) second that absolutely. The couple successfully completed Masters in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. “When I married Shrouq, she was doing her undergraduate degree while I had completed that. I waited two years for her to complete her graduation so that we could enrol for our Masters together. Shrouq has been a great help as I would find little time with my job.” Shrouq says her husband was being too modest: “It was the perfect idea to complete my Masters with Ahmad as he was so caring, understanding and could help me out. Although we often had different projects and dissertations to complete, we were able to study together,” said a visibly delighted Shrouq about the course that they completed in the weekend classes. “I am thankful to my mother and sister who helped babysit for my two kids and always stood by me as I completed my research for my home-works and projects.”

Eisa Ebrahim Ahmad Abdulla Al Hammadi (31) and his wife Noora Ahmad Daler Ala Toobi (25) are overjoyed that their teamwork has helped them attain their Masters degree in Finance. “I think it was a very nice idea to study together as we could complement each other’s need. When I was stuck on some topic Noora was able to help me and when she was looking after kids at home and couldn’t attend the weekend class, I was able to fill her in on what she had missed.”

“I would highly recommend all couples to complete their studies together as it made studying so memorable with our responsibilities divided and the joint effort boosted our morale,” added Noora.

The ceremony was attended by Shaikh Sultan Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation, Kamal Puri, founder president of Skyline University; prominent business leaders and principals and counsellors from leading schools in the UAE and parents of the graduates also graced the occasion.