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Emirates Transport ready for new academic year in Sharjah

More than 15,000 seats will be available on buses on 345 routes to get ready for the new school year

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Sharjah/Fujairah: Emirates Transport said all 213 buses being used in Sharjah had been maintained along with the 11 buses added to the service.

The transport authority said it is ready for the new school year in Sharjah.

Bus routes had also been designed to serve the 13,307 students. A total of 15,810 seats would be available on buses on 345 routes, of which 302 would be double routes and 52 would be single.

Hamad Salem Al Kitbi, Director of the Al Azrah station, said that the transport authority's Sharjah branch would start the school year by handing out gifts to kindergarten and first elementary year students.

This was to strengthen the link between the school children, their drivers and bus supervisors.

The move was also to help students accept guidance from the driver and supervisor.

Awareness programmes

He also said Transport Week activities ended with a play entitled Going back to school, going back to safety as part of an Emirates Transport push to set up awareness programmes for students and bus drivers at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year,

Al Kitbi said other awareness programmes included "Conduct and the art of dealing with the public", and a course about the technical safety of buses.

In the meantime, about 17,000 students will be returning to school today in Fujairah for the start of the new school year.

Fujairah school principals reiterated that administrators and teachers had finished preparing for the new term.

The Ministry of Education said it was ready to apply the new system and that all school curricula has been adjusted to suit the new system.