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Youngsters arrested for violating decency laws

05 Gulf News

Ras Al Khaimah: The Ras Al Khaimah Police have arrested scores of young people in shopping malls for violating decency laws. The police summoned their parents and made them sign pledges to make their children dress in a decent manner.

Sources said that complaints have been made by families visiting malls regarding the clothes as well as the unusual hair styles of the youth. Authorities organised a campaign in which several youngsters were caught.

Revealing dress

Young people were apparently wearing trousers and shirts showing parts of their bodies thus violating norms of decency.

The sources said that police gave haircuts to some of the youngsters and summoned their parents who were instructed to sign an undertaking to monitor their children and stop them from visiting malls in indecent clothes.

Police also warned some young girls found violating decency laws.

The families said they were pleased with the measures taken by the police. They stressed their happiness over the action taken by the authorities as they were not able to discipline their wards.

The families said that the manner in which the authorities handled the situation has been extremely helpful and that youngsters will be now be forced to dress in a decent manner.



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Please implement the same rules for Female as well

Arafat Ali

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