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Three men arrested for selling illegal robot jockeys

They are accused of modifying the devices with electric shockers

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Dubai: Police said they arrested three suspects of Asian nationalities accused of manufacturing and selling robot jockeys equipped with pods to deliver electric shocks.

The robot jockeys, modified to deliver electric shocks, force the camels to run faster during races.

Dubai Police said they received information from a source on January 16 that the three suspects sold the machines to customers for Dh30,000 upon request and targeted countries where camel racing was most popular, such as the UAE.

Sting operation

"The information was received on Sunday from our sources, so we decided the next day to set up a sting operation in Al Hibab area," said Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the CID at Dubai Police.

The suspects were arrested on Monday in a camel race track in Al Hibab area after members of Dubai police, disguised as potential customers, arranged to buy the machines for Dh15,000 each. Two suspects were arrested and upon their confession another suspect was arrested as well. All three were escorted to authorities to complete the proper procedures.

"We haven't found any revenue from their previous sales," Brigadier Al Mansouri told Gulf News.

Police said they received information about previous customers that had dealt with the three suspects.