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Security guard accused of sexually molesting woman in flat

Defendant denied molesting housemaid in Dubai court

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Dubai: A security guard has been accused of convincing a woman to wait for a taxi in a flat where he trapped her and sexually molested her.

Prosecutors charged the 30-year-old Bangladeshi, M.R., with locking up the Filipina housemaid in a high rise tower and assaulting her.

The woman claimed that the man told her to wait for her taxi in a hall which he described as a ‘waiting hall’ before he locked the door from inside.

“No sir I did not molest her. She is lying and fabricating lies against me… and there was another man with her in the flat,” claimed M.R. when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the man trapped the Filipina in the flat where he removed part of her t-shirt and stared at her underwear.

The housemaid claimed the incident happened when she asked M.R. how she could find a taxi during Ramadan.

“Firstly, he claimed that it would be difficult to find a taxi in Ramadan and he asked me to wait in what he called a waiting hall. He claimed that it was not allowed to wait at the reception and took me up in the lift to the 27th floor. He opened a flat that he claimed to be the ‘waiting hall’. I noticed that he took me into an ordinary flat… but it was too late as he locked the door and kept the key in his pocket. The defendant asked me not to hesitate and to trust him because he is a security guard and would not do anything to hurt me.

“I was frightened and he made me sit on a sofa. When I tried to move away, he grabbed me from my shoulder and pushed me down to the sofa. He partly removed my t-shirt from the shoulder side and peeped at my bra. Then he removed it more and exposed the right part of my underwear… meanwhile I tried to phone my sponsor twice, but he didn’t answer. His wife also did not answer. I claimed to M.R. that I called my brother when he realised I was dialling. My sponsor called me back… I told him that I was in the 27th floor with the security guard,” claimed the housemaid.

Records said the defendant felt scared, so he opened the door and let the housemaid leave.

The Lebanese sponsor reported the matter to the police.

A judgment will be heard on November 28.