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Salesman jailed over Facebook threat

Defendant accused of posting morphed photos of co-worker over unpaid loan

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Dubai: A salesman has been jailed for six months for disgracing his co-worker and her sister-in-law over an unpaid loan by morphing their photos and posting them on Facebook.

The 38-year-old Pakistani defendant lent money to his Indian co-worker, according to records, and when she failed to repay him on time, he sought to defame her and her family.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted A.A. of threatening to defame his co-worker, her husband and sister-in-law and to disgrace them by publishing indecent images of them if they failed to give him back his money. He was also found guilty of abusing telecommunication services provided by Du to harass the claimant by making around 20 missed calls to her husband per day.

The defendant confessed when he appeared in court.

Presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi said the defendant will be deported after serving his punishment.

Records said A.A. confessed to taking photos of his coworker and the sister-in-law from their Facebook accounts before morphing them by putting their faces to images of naked women.

He claimed that he threatened to publish the photos on the internet and to distribute them among his coworker’s family and friends if they did not repay him. He denied having an affair with his colleague.

The coworker’s husband, V.V,, testified that the defendant flooded him with phone calls.

“Whenever I answered his calls, he would say ‘I love you’. He sent a friend request to my father’s Facebook account and my dad accepted. He stole photos of my wife, sister and friends. He tampered with the pictures and published them on Facebook. He sent the morphed photos to my friends and relatives in Qatar. He threatened to publish the indecent photos as well one week prior to his arrest,” he said.

The co-worker testified that the defendant contacted her brother in India and claimed they were lovers.

Sunday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.