Police to reward baby snatch hero

Man who helped trace infant lost when car was stolen with baby girl inside to be rewarded

Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police
Mohammad Ehsan with his wife and baby Lailas. The Syrian couple left Ehsan in the back seat of their car with the engine stillrunning as they went inside a petrol station. A thief drove away with the vehicle, triggering a frantic search by the police.
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Sharjah: Police are to reward the hero who helped them track down a missing child, Gulf News can reveal.

Vigilant Emirati Ebrahim Ahmad Al Shamsi sprung into action after seeing Sharjah Police Twitter alerts asking for help to find little Lailas Ehssan.

Gulf News reported on Monday how a seven-hour baby snatch drama was sparked after a thief stole a car with the month-old child on board.

Now Sharjah police have confirmed they are to give Al Shamsi a reward for the quick-thinking that helped trace the child.

Colonel Sultan Abdullah Al Khayal, Director of Media and Public Relations at Sharjah Police told Gulf News he appreciates the efforts of Sharjah resident Al Shamsi for calling police when he spotted the car in Mueilha.

He added: “Thanks to all residents who co-operated with Sharjah police via Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry regarding the baby issue.”

Around 1,730 Twitter users answered Sharjah police’s pleas for help.

The drama unfolded after Lailas was snatched when her parents’ car was stolen from a petrol station in Industrial Area 6 in Sharjah, just after 10pm on Saturday.

They left her in the back seat of their white Toyota Prado, with the engine still running in the unlocked car, as they went inside the station.

Within minutes a thief got behind the wheel and sped off, taking Syrian Mohammad Ehssan’s baby daughter with the car.

By 1am, Sharjah Police posted pleas on their Twitter and Facebook pages, asking for help find the child, releasing the make, model and registration of the car.

Al Shamsi recognised the car from Sharjah police’s Twitter description and immediately alerted them.

Police raced to the Muailha area of Sharjah, at 5.45am, where they found the baby inside the car and arrested a male suspect who is still being interrogated.

The baby, who is unharmed, was taken to Al Qassimi hospital to check on her condition and later sent home to be reunited with her parents.

Sharjah police accused the couple of negligence and warned them not to leave their car engine running, especially at petrol stations, The parents face no formal action over the incident.

Police sources say Al Shamsi’s reward will be decided in the coming days but is likely to be a certificate and sum of money.


  • ishaq

    21-Aug-2012 14:18

    Instead of a smiling pose, these parents should be ashamed of their carelessness and should be prosecuted for leaving a running car with a baby for the thieves.

  • Peer Ahamed

    21-Aug-2012 14:15

    thank God

  • Noela

    21-Aug-2012 13:16

    Its God's grace the parents got their child through a good person. But do they have any sense? Authorities have been warning people repeatedly about this horrible mistake leaving kids alone in a car. Has this come to theirmind once? They should be kept in jail for few hours. Parents should take care of them as precious as their own life.

  • Ruslan

    21-Aug-2012 12:58

    I agree with most. The parents should be charged with negligence and bepenalised! they dont deserve their photo printed in the nationalnewspaper!

  • wosim Tahan

    21-Aug-2012 12:45

    when your home is made of glass dont throw stones I am sure all of you have left your kids for a moment in the car while the engine is running so stop talking negative about others and remember when you point one finger to others 3 are back at you.

  • Anon

    21-Aug-2012 12:15

    I don't care about the person who found them, what are the authorities doing to the PARENTS?? The father should be given a jail sentence for leaving a BABY in a car ALONE! This is far from acceptable behaviour and I hopethe authorities are not letting this go lightly. If you can't take care of your children properly, you don't deserve them. These parents are just lucky that the car thief left the baby alone.

  • Rowena

    21-Aug-2012 12:10

    A mother leaving her newborn baby alone in the car!!! I really hope parents, especially mothers, would finally learn their lesson and be more careful and responsible!

  • rathan

    21-Aug-2012 11:41

    Thanks to the authorities for there quick reponse. Even in such cases it is advisable to inform to the public via Fm radio channels in all languages, which are heard by millions of people on the road. It should have fasterresponse and better results.

  • Amer

    21-Aug-2012 11:06

    I blame the parents 110% and am suprised that they don't face any penalties. this is child neglect of the worst kind! How is it possible for someone to leave their baby in a car alone even if the car was running and they were just gone for a minute?

  • john

    21-Aug-2012 11:05

    These parents should face criminal charges for leaving a baby alone in a car running with the motor on. What were they thinking?

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Instead of a smiling pose, these parents should be ashamed of their carelessness and should be prosecuted for leaving a running car with a baby for the thieves.


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