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Man stabs his brother during family dispute in UAE

Victim claims brother stabbed him when he stopped him from scolding sister

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Dubai: A man has been accused of attempting to murder his elder brother by stabbing him with a knife because he scolded their younger sister at home. The 24-year-old Emirati man, A.R., was said to have taken his 30-year-old brother, N.R., by surprise and stabbed him in his chest with a pocket knife on November 18.

However, the 21-year-old sister saved her brother when she intervened and pulled the knife away from A.R.’s hand.

Swift medical intervention also helped save the life of N.R. after he was rushed to hospital.

The suspect, who is out on bail, did not to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“The court will reconvene after the suspect is legally notified about the trial on April 22,” said presiding judge Ali Attiyah Sa’ad.

The brother testified that the incident happened when he intervened to stop A.R. from shouting at their sister and threatening her around 4.30am in their residence in Al Warqa.

“I got angry when I saw my brother shouting at my sister. When I beat him, he took out a pocketknife from his pocket and stabbed me in my chest. The family intervened and stopped the fight,” claimed N.R.

Meanwhile, the sister claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened after she had a heated argument with the suspect.

“When he stabbed my brother, I pushed him away immediately and took away the knife. Then we called the ambulance,” claimed the sister.

An Emirati policeman testified that he spotted the victim bleeding when a police team arrived for interrogation.

“Upon questioning the defendant, he admitted that he stabbed his brother once in his chest. He claimed that he was defending himself before N.R. beat him,” stated the policeman.

Dubai Police’s forensic report confirmed that the victim did not inflict any permanent disability.