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Man denies visitor’s molestation charge

Defendant claims he was asleep at the time woman had fling with his friend

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Dubai: A worker has been accused of molesting a visitor who accused him of holding out his arms and forcibly trying to pull her into a hug.

Prosecutors charged the Egyptian worker, M.N, 27, with attempting to molest the Iranian woman.

Records stated that the incident came to light after the woman allegedly agreed to have sex with the defendant’s friend on the condition that she would be allowed to use the latter’s credit card.

M.N. and his friend allegedly met the woman in a nightclub where the latter agreed to let her use his credit card because he did not have enough cash.

An Emirati policeman who investigated the case testified that the credit card turned out to be stolen.

M.N. pleaded his innocence before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday. “I was sleeping and I was not present with them. I did not touch her or do anything wrong,” he said.

The policeman told the court: “The woman was arrested at one of the malls in Deira using a stolen credit card. During questioning, she alleged that she coincidentally met M.N. along with his friend at a nightclub in Al Muragabat. She claimed that she agreed to have sex with his friend for money. He gave her the credit card claiming that it had Dh1,080 worth of credit.”

The visitor alleged that the defendant forcibly tried to hug and kiss her several times. “I did not allow him to touch me. He was persistent. Finally I pushed him away when he tried to force himself on me,” the woman said.

Court records did not specify whether the woman and M.N’s friend were prosecuted for having consensual sex or using a stolen credit card.

Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi adjourned the case until November 28 to hear prosecution witnesses.