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Man accused of killing male prostitute in Dubai

Suspect agreed on price of Dh500 but row later broke out

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Dubai: A man has been accused of stabbing a male prostitute to death in his home after the prostitute asked if he could switch places with him.

The 23-year-old Pakistani defendant, K.H., was said to have agreed with his countryman victim, A.K., over the phone to go to his home and have sex with him for Dh500.

Records said K.H. and his Pakistani friend, K.A., went to A.K.’s home in Jebel Ali and both men stabbed the victim twice after they quarrelled with him when he tried to have sex with K.H.

Prosecutors charged K.H. with killing A.K. and stealing his wallet on August 24, 2009.

K.A., who died from reasons that were not mentioned in prosecution records, was also accused of murder.

K.H. did not enter a plea when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Presiding judge Omar Karmastaji did not cite K.H.’s charges and adjourned the case until a lawyer is appointed to defend him when the court reconvenes on June 4.

Chief Prosecutor Khalid Salem asked for the implementation of the death sentence.

An Emirati policeman testified they were told the murder had happened at a company’s labour accommodation in Jebel Ali.

“Police interrogators and forensic experts examined the murder scene. Unidentified fingerprints were taken from the victim’s room. K.A., who worked for the same company, had applied for leave and left the UAE. Shortly before that police had taken his fingerprints… later on his fingerprints matched those that were lifted from the crime scene. K.A. was arrested at Dubai International Airport when he returned from leave on October 25, 2009. During questioning, K.A. admitted that his countryman, K.H., told him that he was going to visit A.K. in his room. K.A. also claimed that they entered the victim’s room. The victim, according to K.A.’s confession, had sex with K.H. K.A. claimed that when they finished, A.K. asked K.H. to switch turns, but the latter got angry and fought with the victim. K.H. grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim twice, according to K.A.

“The latter also claimed that when the victim fought back and shouted, K.H. asked him to hush him. When I questioned K.A. he claimed that when the victim kicked him, he [K.A.] took a knife and stabbed the victim until they ensured that he dropped dead,” said the policeman.

Prosecution records did not mention how and when K.H. was arrested.

The trial continues.