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Man accused of attempted murder after dispute in car

Incident happened following dispute

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Dubai: A salesman has been accused of attempting to murder a man by repeatedly stabbing him with a pocketknife which was found hidden in his underwear.

The 20-year-old man, M.Y., was in a car with 22-year-old Emirati salesman, K.O., when he allegedly hit the Emirati’s friend who had been sitting in the back seat.

Despite the fact that M.Y. apologised for unintentionally hitting the friend the defendant asked his brother, who had been driving, to pull over at the shoulder of the road.

He then jumped out from the backseat, according to prosecution records, and dragged M.Y. from the passenger seat and repeatedly stabbed him with a pocketknife.

According to the accusation sheet, the defendant attempted the kill M.Y. by taking the knife from under his clothes and repeatedly stabbing him in his head, shoulder, stomach and leg.

The suspect failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The victim testified that he was standing with the defendant’s brother and a friend in front of a grocery store on September 10 when the incident happened.

“The suspect called his brother because he wanted him to drive him somewhere. We all jumped into the brother’s car… after around 100 metres I moved my arm backwards and mistakenly touched K.O.’s friend in the backseat. He accepted my apology immediately. But the defendant asked his brother to pull over. Then he jumped out angrily, pulled me out and repeatedly stabbed me. I fainted and only regained consciousness in hospital,” M.Y. claimed to prosecutors.

The victim was cited alleging that the defendant intended to end his life. Swift medical intervention helped save M.Y.’s life.

Police seized the weapon which had been hidden inside the defendant’s underwear.

A verdict will be heard on February 10.