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Lebanese expats saddened by 'horrendous' crime

'She wasn't targeted because she was a woman living alone, it was obviously for personal reasons'

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Dubai/Abu Dhabi: Lebanese expatriates living in the UAE received the news of the death of Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim with sadness and confusion.

Although Suzan had shied away from the spotlight a couple of years ago, the Lebanese community deemed the crime "horrendous" and baffling. How such a crime could happen in such a safe place was the major issue on their minds. Most said they are awaiting details on the crime and the suspects.

"This is a horrible crime no matter who it happens to, Lebanese or non-Lebanese," said Rami Atme, an engineer who has been living in Sharjah for two years. "We all have a perception that the bad guys always get caught in Dubai. We shouldn't forget that she had many familial problems but there is a missing link regarding her death. Hopefully we will find out who the villain is," he added.

As for Lebanese women living alone in Dubai, they had an extra dimension to worry about, they said. "Despite the fact that crime happens everywhere, it does make you think twice about your own security," said Dina Asaad, a teacher who works in Dubai. "Luckily, I live with my brother," she said.

Sally Harb, a 28-year-old HR manager who lives in Jumeirah said that the news was shocking and alarming. "We thought that the security would be good, this is why I chose to live in this area where there is private security at the building. Things like this are not uncommon, but they are unexpected and disturbing," she said.

Atme said: "Girls shouldn't feel scared, because this is just one incident ... She wasn't targeted because she was a woman living alone; it was obviously for personal reasons."

Wahab Hajj Hassan, a lawyer living in Dubai, said, "This murder reminded us of older stories of murder like the story of the Lebanese model Karen Hitti who was stabbed by her husband in 2004. Luckily, the model lived but Suzanne lost her life."

Fadi Bashir, an Abu Dhabi resident, said: "I think there is something strange about this story. Like, who had access to her apartment? Where was her family? Who would want to kill her? It's a very strange story that needs lots of answers."

- With inputs from Marten Youssef