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Jail for visa forgery pair in Abu Dhabi

Conned a man out of Dh8,000

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Abu Dhabi: Two men have each been sentenced to three years in prison followed by deportation for entering the country using fake visas and later using their visas to con a man out of Dh8,000.

A man had reported that the Asian suspects told him they could get a visa for his brother with a cleaning company as his sponsor. The suspects then asked for Dh8,000 after showing a photocopy of the visa. However, the victim consulted the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, where he was told that the visa was forged.

During investigations, the first suspect admitted taking money from the victim and delivering it to the second suspect to get a visa from his employer.

The men were sentenced by the Criminal Court. The sentence was made in absentia as one of the suspects did not attend the court session while the other has escaped.