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Inmates gang-rape fellow prisoner in Dubai Central Jail

Defendants stubbed out cigarette butts on prisoner, threatened him with sharp tools

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Dubai: Four inmates have been accused of stubbing out cigarette butts on a 20-year-old prisoner before they raped him repeatedly over different periods in a cell inside the Dubai Central Jail.

The four inmates, three Emiratis and a Bahraini, were said to have used physical force against the Indian prisoner and threatened to kill him before they raped him on different occasions last November.

The Indian prisoner claimed that the suspects beat him and threatened to kill him with sharp tools, then they stubbed out cigarette butts on his body before they raped him over a period of one month.

Jail wardens did not bring two of the Emirati suspects, 28-year-old A.G. and 24-year-old A.D., from their detention and produce them before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old Bahraini, A.H., and 29-year-old Emirati, K.M., refused to be brought from Dubai Central Jail and attend Sunday’s hearing.

Chief Prosecutor Ahmad Mohammad Al Hammadi asked for the implementation of capital punishment against the suspects.

Presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi adjourned the case until the four defendants are brought to court on April 14.

“One day A.G. walked into the cell and asked me to accompany him to a separate room because he wanted to discuss an issue with me. There was a bed in the room that was covered with a huge piece of cloth that was fixed like a curtain. A.G. asked to have sex with me but I refused. He took out a sharp tool from his pocket and asked me again… but I refused again. Then he twisted my arm, punched me and forced me to undress and he raped me. When he finished, he told me ‘From now on you are my brother and I will protect you’. Three days later A.G. came to the cell and A.D. accompanied him. They threatened me and raped me one at a time.

“Three days passed before the three Emiratis came together and they also wanted to abuse me but I refused. I resisted them as much as I could but they called A.H. for help. They stubbed out cigarettes on my body when I refused to yield to their desires. They beat me and raped me one at a time. Then I decided to report them to the jail’s management,” claimed the Indian.

An Omani policeman claimed that when he questioned the Indian, the latter was in severe pain and couldn’t sit down properly.