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Housemaids worked as prostitutes in Sharjah

Three absconded women gave birth to four children outside of marriage

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Sharjah: Three housemaids who absconded from their sponsors have admitted to giving birth to four illegitimate children from an unknown man.

A senior police official told Gulf News that a Pakistani school security guard was suspected of fathering the children, aged between one and three.

According to the official, the three Indonesian housemaids had been living illegally and working as cleaners in different houses and schools. They have been arrested on charges of having children outside of marriage after a tip-off from an Indian man.

The women, who live in Al Qadisiya area and work as prostitutes by night, claim they do not know the father of their children because they slept with so many customers.

After entering the country on housemaid visas, the women absconded from their sponsors, according to police.

The women told police they gave birth to their children at home and medical checks are being done to establish if their story is true.

The trio and their children are currently in Sharjah central jail.