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Housemaid on trial for killing baby

Admits to previous failed attempts to abort foetus

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Fujairah: A maid has been charged with the murder of her baby.

The African woman appeared before Fujairah Criminal Court on Thursday.

Presiding judge Dr Saeed Bahbouh postponed the case and asked for a translator to be present for the accused at the next hearing.

The details of the case date back to May 19 this year when the maid’s Emirati sponsor found her lying on the toilet floor, screaming with pain beside a dead baby.

He called the police immediately and the woman was taken to hospital from the sponsor’s home.

Fujairah police arrested the African maid, identified as B.G. and in her thirties. An official confirmed that the maid told police she feared the fact that she was pregnant would be discovered. She did not disclose her condition to anyone and is accused of suffocating her newborn child.

The maid also admitted to previous failed attempts at aborting the foetus. She became pregnant after an illegitimate relationship, the official said.

The suspect was referred to the public prosecution where she was charged with murder. The case was referred to the criminal court.