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Football fan caught carrying hashish into Al Shabab Club

Defendant given 4 years in jail to be followed by deportation

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Dubai: A football fan who was caught carrying hashish while walking into Al Shabab Football Club to watch a game has been jailed for four years.

A policeman was said to have coincidentally busted the 40-year-old Sudanese football fan, Y.S., while he was searching people as they headed to their seats.

Y.S. was accused of possessing a transparent pouch that contained 9g of hashish and consuming the same drug.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Sudanese man of possessing and consuming hashish after he pleaded guilty.

The Omani policeman testified that he caught the defendant carrying the drugs while he was searching football fans at Al Shabab Club.

“My partner and I were searching the fans who were heading to their seats before the game at 8.30pm. While searching his belongings, we noticed a pouch that contained a suspicious dark substance hidden inside an eyeglasses case. Upon confronting Y.S. with the finding, he immediately admitted that it was hashish. He confessed to possessing and consuming hashish before we referred him to the anti-narcotics department,” claimed the policeman. Dubai Police’s forensic laboratory confirmed that the defendant’s blood and urine samples contained an active component of hashish.

Police also seized in his possession some equipment that is believed to be used by drug consumers.

Sunday’s judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.