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Father of abandoned girl held following tip-off

He was wanted in connection with multiple criminal cases

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Amnah was found abandoned at Kuwaiti Hospital in the early hours of Saturday, with no details about her parents' whereabouts.
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Sharjah: The father of a three-year-old girl who was allegedly abused and then abandoned at a Sharjah hospital has been arrested, police said on Monday.

The Emirati man, is his 40s, was arrested at a resort in Fujairah after his relatives tipped off the police, who had urged people with information about the girl to come forward.

Amnah was found abandoned at Kuwaiti Hospital in the early hours of Saturday, with no details about her parents’ whereabouts.

She was found with burn and bruise marks. Police suspect she was tortured by her father. The man is wanted in a number of emirates in connection with multiple criminal cases, police said.

Amnah, meanwhile, was placed with a social care centre and will be reunited with her family soon, an official at the centre told Gulf News.

“Amnah’s keeping well. She’s happy — playing and eating with other children at the centre,” the official added.

When asked about her mother, Amnah said: “My mother went to doctor and she’ll be coming back.”

According to police, Amnah has no identification papers as her father didn’t arrange for her documents. Her mother is said to be an illegal resident from Ethiopia who has reportedly left the UAE.

The father has children from a second wife and was allegedly neglecting and abusing Amnah, initial police investigations indicate. He is alleged to have threatened Amnah with abandonment previously, based on his reported statement to police.

Amnah’s mother apparently left her with the father believing the father or his relatives would be in a better position to care for her, police believe. It is also thought the mother feared Amnah would be taken away by authorities for investigations if she tried to leave the UAE with her.

Tests are being carried out to ascertain the man in custody is Amnah’s father, police said, as investigations continue.

The case has been handed over to Sharjah Public Prosecution while the father remains in custody.