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Egyptian stabbed to death near Mall of the Emirates

The two Egyptian workers had a dispute over Dh3,000 and a scuffle in the car led to the murder

Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: An Egyptian man was fatally stabbed early on Friday morning, over a financial dispute with his friend, Dubai Police has confirmed.

Gulf News learnt the man was stabbed to death in a car by his friend, near the Mall of the Emirates. He later reported and confessed his crime to the police.

According to Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri , Director,  Criminal Investigation Department, Dubai Police, two Egyptian workers had a dispute over Dh3,000. The 30-year-old man who was killed recently planned to resign and leave the country.

He owed his 32-year-old friend and colleague Dh3,000, which he had previously lent him.

The two decided to resolve their dispute by heading to the police station after a heated argument. During their ride from Jebel Ali towards Dubai, the driver allegedly verbally assaulted his friend and was about to attack him with a knife. His friend, who sustained minor injuries, took the weapon and in return stabbed the driver twice in the chest.

He drove for a short distance close to Mall of the Emirates and then contacted the operation rooms saying there is a mechanical fault in the vehicle. When the police arrived he confessed to his crime and showed the police the body of his friend in the car.

The murder took place at around 12:45am on Friday, said Brigadier Al Mansouri.