Dubai Police record 1,598 traffic accidents during Eid Al Fitr holiday

Police outline major aim to raise awareness of the dangers of careless driving

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Dubai: Nearly 1,600 traffic accidents were reported in Dubai during the Eid Al Fitr holiday, according to Dubai Police.

Colonel Khazraj Majid Mohammad, Deputy Director of the Command and Control Centre at the Dubai Police Department, revealed that the centre received 24,838 phone calls during the Eid Al Fitr holiday and reported 1,598 accidents which caused mild to severe injuries.

According to the official, the accidents were caused by drivers not abiding by road and traffic rules, driving at speed, not staying in their lanes, not leaving sufficient distance between vehicles and not paying attention while driving.

Dubai Police urged all drivers to refrain from driving carelessly and to take special care when driving near residential areas, pedestrian crossings and intersections.

Colonel Mohammad added that raising awareness about correct driving methods through campaigns and initiatives is among Dubai Police’s strategic objectives.

First Lieutenant Zayed Al Badani, Director of the Monitoring and Analysis section at the Department of Command and Control Centre, called on drivers to only call the toll-free number 999 in times of emergency and to call the number 901 for any other inquiries regarding services provided by Dubai Police, stressing that 999 is for emergency calls only and receiving non-urgent phone calls can take away from the time of the caller who actually does have an emergency.

Al Badani added that the operation room receives a large number of emergency-related phone calls on a daily basis that need to be answered in the fastest time possible.

Information on some of the services available can be had by calling 901. These include criminal and traffic related inquiries, how to obtain a good conduct certificate, how to obtain a burial permit and how to subscribe to the home security programme.


  • Shahzad Qayyum

    12-Aug-2013 19:18

    Its all about the person who is driving, if he/she got training for 5years but if he is careless and not following the law, anything can happen

  • Sami

    12-Aug-2013 19:00

    I witnessed over the Eid holiday a Taxi driver crossing the Red Lightand making a U-Turn from the Second Lane. I think being stict on CabDrivers and Mini-Bus drivers. I have even seen a Mini bus driving at130km swerving from one lane to another, it was like Mario Karts.

  • Afzalkhan

    12-Aug-2013 17:31

    change can be brought only by using a full force by electronic and printmedia, by mobilizing and spiriting values demand's and uae citizens >expat or locals < and to ban all racist and speed provoking movieslike fast and furious movies and games, change and peace willdifinitely come to the roads

  • Kaltham Al Ali

    12-Aug-2013 16:50

    It's funny how all those sexist posts came when the woman had heraccident. Now tell me, the majority who caused these accidents, werethey Male/Female? "Women should be banned from driving"No, MEN should be banned from driving, the number of accidents and roaddeaths would be much much lesser.

  • Sanam

    12-Aug-2013 15:05

    Best solution is to run an excercise for all drivers with more than 3years of license to undergo Driving test again !

  • KrishnaKumar

    12-Aug-2013 14:27

    Best Way to Reduce the Accidents is to make people careful while drivingso to make them careful impose heavy fines even for a small mistake orconfiscate license or ban them from driving or 6 months or more.

  • Drew

    12-Aug-2013 12:28

    I commend the Dubai Police organization. They dealt with this car accident phenomenon with professionalism.

  • S Km

    12-Aug-2013 12:21

    As a deterrent I would recommend that general public should be allowed to report to the RTA instances of dangerous driving; i.e. indiscriminate lane changing, driving too close and general misbehaviour on roads so the drivers can be cautioned. Speed cameras are not sufficient deterrents!!!

  • Robin

    12-Aug-2013 11:30

    Its very disappointing to see these figures...During Eid, celebrations are good, but people should learn to respect others also on the road....should learn to care about the value of life of oneself and others....I was on Jebal Hafeet with family on Thursday and it was crowded with people dancing and singing loudly and disturbing others...and also they were driving recklessly inthe road to the top of the mountains. these should be restricted in order to help the families who wants to spend some time....happily to celebrate Eid.

  • Ahmad

    12-Aug-2013 11:20

    It proves how wreckless people are in dubai, espacilly four wheel drivers who thought they bought the road along with car. no lane or line discipline.

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Its all about the person who is driving, if he/she got training for 5years but if he is careless and not following the law, anything can happen

Shahzad Qayyum

12 August 2013 19:30jump to comments