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Dubai duo jailed after extramarital affair

Illicit relationship comes to light when man tries to commit suicide

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Dubai: A married man and a married woman landed in jail for an extramarital affair that they carried on while their respective spouses were outside the accommodation the two families shared.

The Dubai Appeal Court jailed 31-year-old F.A., an Indian computer technician, and the woman, 27-year-old Indian wife S.S., for a year each.

According to the appellate verdict, the couple will be deported after they serve a year in jail each.

Prosecution records showed that F.A. and his wife shared the same flat with S.S. and her husband in the Bur Dubai area.

The illegal affair was exposed shortly after F.A. tried to kill himself when he learnt that S.S. had allowed her husband to make love to her although he (F.A.) had asked her not to do so because he thought she carried his baby. According to court records, the computer technician's wife called the police and paramedics immediately after her husband collapsed.

He had gashed his wrist with a knife when S.S. revealed that the baby she carried was not his.

Prosecutors charged F.A. and S.S. of having consensual sex even though each of them was separately married.

Attempted suicide

The 31-year-old man was additionally charged with attempted suicide after he cut his left wrist.

During police and prosecution questioning, S.S. accused F.A. of making advances towards her every time her husband and his wife were away.

"Our two families shared the same flat… whenever his wife and my husband were away, he would sit close to me and seduce me. He had sex with me two times," S.S. claimed to the prosecutor who questioned her.

"I tried to convince him not to do so several times by claiming that I was not in the mood.

"However, he repeatedly had sex with me until one day I realised that I had conceived.

"After he learnt about my pregnancy, he asked me not to allow my husband to sleep with me. I turned down my husband's sexual advances several times.

"I said I was not well whenever my husband felt like making love to me, until one day I was forced to sleep with my husband because he had an unrelenting desire.

"When F.A. came to know that I had sex with my husband although I was pregnant, he threatened to kill my husband, my daughter and me," S.S. added

Counter claims

F.A. countered her claims and said she was the one who hit on him first and seduced him by wearing revealing clothes in the house.

"We had sex for the first time after she asked me to fix her laptop… she sent me romantic and erotic e-mails. Then she seduced me," he claimed.

Prosecution records showed that on the day matters came to a head, F.A. called S.S.'s husband while they were shopping in a mall.

The computer technician asked S.S. and her husband to return to the flat for an urgent matter.

"As soon as we entered the flat, F.A. came and brandished a knife in our faces and said ‘tell your husband the truth that the baby you are carrying is mine or his' (sic)," she said in her testimony.

"When I replied that it was my husband's, F.A. got outraged and tried to stab me. My husband pushed him away… then they called my brother-in-law to resolve the issue.

"F.A. started shouting again and said ‘it is my mistake, please beat me, I am mistaken and deserve to be beaten for that… if you don't hit me I will kill myself'. Then he cut his wrist," claimed S.S.

The court confirmed that the defendants had consensual sex and dismissed S.S.'s claim that it was against her will.