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Dubai court convicts man for attempted rape

Delivery man claims he entered the victim’s flat to return her cat

Dubai courts
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The Dubai Courts
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Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance has convicted a delivery man after he was found guilty of attempted rape.

A delivery man faces three-years in jail for trying to rape a woman despite claiming he only entered the woman’s flat to return her cat.

Prosecutors charged 25-year-old Syrian, R.W, of walking into the Arab woman’s bedroom and trying to rape and molest her.

The defendant pleaded not guilty, alleging that he only entered the woman’s flat, upon her request, to bring back her cat after it leapt out from the doorstep.

He will be deported after serving his punishment.

When the accused defended himself in court, he claimed: “No I did not rape or molest her.

“I went there to deliver a food order. When she opened the door and took the food from my hand, her cat bounced from between her arms and ran away. She asked me to help her bring the cat back. That’s what I did, I chased the cat, and brought it back into the bedroom.”

According to the accusation sheet, R.W. walked in to the woman’s flat without her husband’s permission.

He was then said to have grabbed the woman and hugged and kissed her against her will. He also threw her on the bed and tried to rape her.

Records said the woman pretended that she was about to suffocate when R.W. put his hand on her mouth to prevent her from shouting.

Then she managed to push him away and ran out of the bedroom, meanwhile he left the flat and headed in an unknown direction.

“Did you attempt to rape her when you went to deliver the food?” Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the defendant in an earlier hearing.

“No I didn’t. I helped her get back her cat. Then I left immediately,” replied R.W.

A Yemeni policeman testified that the incident happened in Ghoroob Mirdif Community.

“The woman claimed that she a ordered food from a nearby mall. The defendant brought the delivery. When she answered the door, her cat bounced out. “The suspect chased the cat and grabbed it. Then he forced his way into her bedroom. The woman claimed that the defendant forced her into the bedroom.

“When he smothered her mouth to prevent her from shouting, the woman claimed that she outsmarted R.W. and pretended that she was suffocating. When he removed his hand, the woman claimed that she freed herself, then he disappeared,” claimed the policeman.

Records said the suspect was arrested later that evening.

R.W. claimed to the policeman that the woman was not fully dressed when she answered the door.

He told the policeman that when he brought the cat into the house, he spotted some sexy photos on the woman’s laptop.

Then he asked the woman for cold water to cool off because he was sexually aroused.

He tried to force the woman in to the bedroom and rape her, but she resisted him before he left.

Yesterday’s judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.