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Driver and sex worker jailed 6 months each for consensual sex

The two accused will be deported following the completion of their punishments

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Dubai: A Pakistani driver and an Ethiopian prostitute have been jailed for six months each after a court convicted them of having consensual sex.

The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the couple after the 24-year-old woman, H.M., was convicted of prostitution and allowing the 50-year-old driver, M.A., to have sex with her. The latter was incriminated of having consensual sex.

The two accused will be deported following the completion of their punishments.

The Ethiopian prostitute told the court earlier this month that she used to have sex with one man for fees and free with three others.

"I had sex with so many men. I took money from one man and had sex with three others for free because my boss used to collect the money," contended H.M. before the court.

According to the arraignment sheet, prosecutors said H.M. worked as a prostitute and had sex with men for money. She and the driver were charged with having consensual sex.

When the woman was asked in court if she was used to have sex with strange men for money, she pleaded guilty.

The Ethiopian woman confessed that she allowed 50-year-old M.A. to have consensual sex with her.

"Yes I am guilty… I slept with her," argued M.A. when he defended himself in courtroom four.

Police detained the driver and the woman, who as per records worked a housemaid, in Al Muraqabat.

During police and prosecution questioning, they confessed to their charges.

The primary verdict remains subject to appeal within 13 days.