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Court sentences jobless man to six months in jail for rape

Accused tells court he had consensual sex with woman

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Dubai: A jobless man has been jailed for six months after a court convicted him of having sex with an American woman, who claimed he raped her.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the 22-year-old Emirati to six months in jail after he denied that he raped the 26-year-old American woman and claimed he had consensual sex with her.

Prosecutors said the jobless Emirati secretly walked behind the woman while she was opening her house door, then he gagged her and forced her into the flat where he beat and raped her on her bed.

The Public Prosecution charged the Emirati, M.K., with raping the woman, who works in sales, after assaulting her.

An Emirati police officer testified that the incident happened in the woman's flat in the International City. "I headed to the location and found the woman in a hysterical condition and her face was bruised… she alleged that she met M.K. one month prior to the incident in a pub. She claimed that on the day of the incident he dropped her home and she took the elevator."

The officer said the woman claimed M.K. surprised her from behind, pushed her into the flat and subsequently raped her. The primary judgment is subject to appeal within 13 days.