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Burglars ‘save’ victim from falling off window in Sharjah

Intruders panicked and pulled her back after she tried to jump out of second-floor apartment

Image Credit: Courtesy: Mohammad Shahid
A woman tries to jump from her balcony to escape burglars on Sunday night in Sharjah.
Gulf News

Sharjah: A terrified woman who tried to jump from the window of her second-floor apartment in Sharjah on Sunday night to escape two male intruders was "saved" by the men who were completely taken aback by her extreme reaction, Gulf News has learnt.

Sharjah police confirmed that the Indian woman identified as Sh.N.N. was staying alone in her apartment on the second floor of a seven-storey residential building in Al Shuwahain area in Sharjah.

The two men allegedly took advantage of an unlocked door to enter the woman’s flat, an official from Sharjah police told Gulf News on Monday.

The two suspects allegedly threatened to kill the woman using a knife if she didn’t give them all her cash and jewellery. The woman screamed for help and tried to jump three to four times from the window of her apartment but the suspects managed to pull her back inside each time.

One of the suspects tried to flee the scene but was caught by a resident in the area who then turned the suspect over to Sharjah Police when they arrived at the scene. The other suspect managed to escape.

M. Shahid , a 34-year-old Pakistani living nearby, told Gulf News that the incident took place on Sunday night at around 11:30pm. He said he was sitting at home with his wife when they heard a woman screaming for help. They went to their window to check the commotion outside.

“She was holding her mobile phone and she was talking loudly over the phone. She wanted to jump,” he said.

Onlookers initially thought that the woman was attempting to commit suicide and tried to convince her to get back into her apartment.

M. Shahid contacted the police operation room and reported the incident. He said police arrived at the scene within seven minutes along with an ambulance.

During interrogation, the suspect told police that his accomplice had told him to accompany him to the woman’s house with the plan of striking up an illicit relationship with her but had no plans of robbing her. He denied any knowledge of the other man’s identity or location.

Police have formed a team to look for the other suspect.

Police have urged residents who stay alone not to open their doors for strangers or leave their doors unlocked.