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Al Ain: Two arrested after man’s death

Suspects put dead man's body in a car and pushed the vehicle off Jebel Hafeet

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Al Ain: Two suspects have been arrested following the death of a young Emirati, who was initially believed to have driven off the top of Jebel Hafeet a few days ago.

An investigation has revealed the 27-year-old Emirati, identified as N.B., died of a drug overdose on May 2, the police said on Sunday.

The deceased, said the police, had injected himself with drugs and lost consciousness. He was accompanied by a 26-year-old African expatriate who later reportedly pushed the car off the mountain in an attempt to make police believe it was an accident.

However, police investigators detected that the Emirati had actually died several hours before the incident. Based on this, the police formed a special team to track down the suspects, said a senior police official in a police release issued on Sunday.

The Emirati and his two friends, said the police, were driving on the city’s roads after taking drugs when the Emirati fell unconscious at a traffic signal. One of the suspects tried to wake the deceased by cutting his fingers with a razor blade. He thought the bleeding would reduce the amount of drugs in his body but he failed, said the police investigators.

According to the police, realising that their friend had died they took the Emirati to a chalet in a tourist resort. One of the suspects thought of dropping the body and the car off in front of the Emirati’s home but the second suspect was against the idea. He suggested dropping the car with the body in it from the top of Jebel Hafeet, said the police.

Major General Mohammad Bin Al Awadi Al Minhali, Director of Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, has warned young people to stay away from bad company and drugs. He said such activities could either land them in prison or take their lives.

He said drug users who want to free themselves of addiction can take up the offer of free specialised treatment for rehabilitation without any legal action.