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Accident death toll for this year

Gulf News
  • 136  people have died in traffic accidents in Dubai since January 1
  • 34 died because they swerved suddenly out of their proper lanes
  • 3 motorists died as a result of paying improper attention
  • 4 motorists died when they entered roads into oncoming traffic
  • 5 motorists died while reversing their vehicles on busy roads
  • 9 drivers died because they were drunk behind the wheel
  • 1 driver died while under the influence of drugs or narcotics
  • 2 motorists died while they were driving on the wrong side of the road
  • 6 motorists died as a result of jumping red lights at traffic junctions
  • 24 motorists died as a result of tailgating or following too closely
  • 5 died after not driving correctly in their assigned lanes
  • 33 died in accidents trying to merge on to or exiting off roads
  • 2 Emiratis died on Thursday night while driving quad bikes
  • 8 motorists died for other reasons, according to Dubai Police