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20 arrested over murder of Sharjah shopkeeper

Armed gang stabbed the shopkeeper over a dispute

Image Credit: AHMED RAMZAN/Gulf News
Shops in Sharjah were closed following the murder of Mohammad Sharif by an armed gang on Saturday.
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Sharjah: Around 20 Pakistani men have been arrested over a fight in the Rolla area last night in which a shopkeeper was killed and four others were injured, Sharjah Police has confirmed.

A Sharjah Police official said that the shopkeeper was stabbed to death, after a gang of men armed with knives and swords entered the shop to seek vengeance over a dispute with one of them.

The deceased has been identified as Mohammad Sharif, 33, hailing from Kasargod in the South Indian state of Kerala. He died on the spot.

The injured persons are passers by who attempted to help the shopkeeper, police said.

The incident happened late Saturday night around 10:30 pm in the Al Ghuwair market. All the victims are Indian nationals.

The injured persons, all Keralites, were admitted to the Al Kuwaiti Hospital. Of the four persons injured, two sustained moderate injuries and the other two who sustained minor injuries have been discharged from the hospital.

Police said that the area was cordoned off until after midnight.

“A group 15-20 armed men came... few entered the shop and the shopkeeper was stabbed to death,” an eyewitness, who sustained a hand injury, said.

According to some traders in the vicinity, the incident said that one day before an unhappy customer who bought a trimmer, tried to return it to the shop. When the shopkeeper refused, he left angrily saying that he will be back and returned with a gang, and stabbed the shopkeeper to death.

Several shops in the area remained closed on Sunday.

20 arrested over murder of Sharjah shopkeeper