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2 held in Sharjah over corpse found in flat

Apartment shared by large number of people prompts police warning on subletting

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Sharjah: Two men have been apprehended in connection with the discovery of a corpse inside an apartment in the Al Naba’a area of Sharjah, police said.

The two suspects, identified as A.A and L.S.R, are Bangladeshi nationals, police said. They are believed to have been roommates of the dead man, also a Bangladeshi. A personal dispute apparently led to the crime, police said.

The two suspects fled the scene but were later taken into custody.

The body was found in one room of an apartment shared by some 35 people. The deceased was identified as R.A.Y.

Sharjah Police said the investigation into the case began after police received a call from residents of the building who reported a foul odour emanating from an apartment located on the fourth floor which had its main door left ajar.

Police discovered a large number of boxes and personnel effects in the apartment indicating that it was used by at least three dozen or so residents. A number of gas cylinders were also found connected to stoves in the kitchen and posed a real safety hazard given that the apartment was located in residential area, police added.

The apartment was divided into sections with even the hall divided into rooms to accommodate the large number of dwellers.

A team of forensic experts was assigned to examine the corpse and confirmed that the victim was an Asian man in his 20s.

Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak Al Dukan, deputy commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, urged building owners to be cautious when renting their properties and to avoid subletting apartments.

Brigadier Al Dukan praised the police team that tracked down the two suspects considering that the crime happened in a place frequented by such a large number of people.