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Military officer, cousin cleared of sex outside marriage

A military officer and his cousin, a policewoman, were cleared of having sex outside marriage

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Dubai: A military officer and his cousin, a policewoman, were cleared on Tuesday of having sex outside marriage in a rented flat in Al Warqa.

Citing lack of evidence, the Dubai Misdemeanour Court acquitted the 29-year-old Emirati officer and his 34-year-old cousin.

The Emirati cousins were arrested shortly after a police team raided the flat following a tip-off that the woman was holding parties, having sex with men and drinking alcohol.

The woman was charged with possessing liquor.

The cousins entered an innocent plea before the court.

According to Tuesday’s ruling, the woman was fined Dh3,000 for possessing alcohol.

An Emirati police lieutenant testified that after obtaining prosecutors’ permission and raiding the apartment, they found the defendants in the flat on November 20.

“The informant claimed that the woman constantly invited men over to her flat for partying, drinking and sex. Our specialist broke the lock from outside when he tried to open the door. So we knocked on the door, and the man opened the door. We also found the woman inside. She alleged that she was from outside Dubai and often came to the flat to visit a hospital for a check-up … she claimed that she had had a car accident and injured her back and constantly visited the Dubai-based hospital. We found a bottle of liquor in the flat. The suspects claimed that they are cousins and the officer came to the flat to drive his cousin to the hospital. She alleged that the liquor belonged to her Saudi friend,” said the lieutenant.

However, prosecution records cited the policewoman admitting: “We have been having sex for five years and we love each other. We are about to get married. He cares for me and helps me out a lot … his parents are against our marriage because I am divorced.”

The primary verdict remains subject to appeal within 15 days.