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Manager accused of threat to kill woman if she didn’t marry him

Suspect told woman friend via SMSs he would be happy to be jailed after decapitating her

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Dubai: A manager has been accused of sending SMSs to his woman friend in which he slandered her and threatened to decapitate her if she did not marry him.

The 41-year-old Indian manager, R.D., was said to have sent a text message in which he claimed to the Belarusian woman that he is affiliated to the Indian mafia and is capable of killing her and her boyfriend besides calling her bad names in July.

He was also said to have claimed to the woman that he would ready to kill her and go to prison if she did not marry him, said records.

Prosecutors accused R.D. of threatening to kill the Belarusian and cursing her.

The suspect was said to have visited the 29-year-old woman’s flat and tried to break down her door, according to records, before sending her text messages of an offensive and threatening nature.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said R.D. texted SMSs to the Belarusian on different occasions, in which he called her a prostitute, threatened to behead her and kill her boyfriend and posed as a member of the Indian mafia.

He also mentioned in his SMSs that he would be happy to go to prison after decapitating her if she refused his marriage proposal.

“Yes, I was wrong to do so … we had a dispute and three years ago my wife lodged a case against her,” he argued as he entered his plea before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

The woman claimed to prosecutors that she was acquainted with the suspect three years before the incident and they were close friends.

“Earlier this year I realised that he had been consuming too much alcohol and that he was constantly angry … so I stopped seeing him. He tried to contact me again but I refused and stopped communicating with him completely. One night in July, he came knocking at my door but I did not open it. He tried to break down the door when I refused to answer him. I also refused to answer his calls. Then he texted me in which he wrote ‘I will kill everybody and I would be happy to go to prison … if you want to save your life call me so that your family doesn’t blame me … I am a member of mafia and would kill you and your boyfriend … I will be happy about that … I promise to behead you’. He visited me several times wanting to enter my flat and he also texted me several times,” she testified to prosecutors.

The suspect was quoted as admitting that they were friends and he used to give her money and they constantly visited each other.

“She started feeling jealous and constantly asked me not to deal with other women … that was before I stopped talking to her. We communicated via SMSs and I sent her a message in which I threatened her and promised to chop off her head,” the suspect was cited as claiming.

A ruling will be heard on November 16.