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Dye worker jailed for molesting women on bus

Defendant knelt down in front of passengers, apologised to woman who scolded him

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Dubai: A dye worker has been jailed for three months after he was convicted of groping a secretary on a public bus forcing her to scold him in front of all passengers.

The 28-year-old Bangladeshi worker knelt down and apologised to the Filipina after she scolded him for what he did.

Prior to that incident, which happened in August, the 28-year-old also groped a Filipina secretary at Al Jafliya station while they were both waiting for the bus.

When the bus arrived, they climbed on to the bus and the accused groped the secretary a second time before she moved away from him, said records.

As the bus started moving, the secretary heard another woman shouting and scolding the dye worker.

The two passengers asked the bus driver to call the police who came and arrested him.

Despite having pleaded innocent, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 28-year-old of molesting the two Filipinas.

The defendant argued before the court that he touched the women mistakenly.

The presiding judge said the accused will be deported after serving his jail term.

The 37-year-old secretary told prosecutors that the incident happened while she was waiting in the queue for the bus.

“The defendant stood beside me in the queue when his elbow touched me for a few seconds. I stared at him angrily but remained silent. We boarded the bus and he stood beside me and touched me again for three seconds. I scolded him and a passenger told me to stand away from him. Shortly after that, I heard another Filipina shouting at the defendant and then she pushed him. The accused immediately knelt down and apologised to her,” she said.

An Egyptian Roads and Transport Authority inspector said that the two Filipinas told him that the defendant had groped them.

The Bangladeshi told prosecutors that he touched the Filipinas by mistake.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 12 days.