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Duo accused of raping cargo worker

Claimant says suspects stormed into his workplace and dragged him to a sandy area

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Dubai: Two men have been accused of dragging a cargo worker from Al Aweer’s Fruits and Vegetable Market to a sandy area and raping him.

The Pakistani suspects, 25-year-old A.A. and 26-year-old M.N., were said to have stormed into the workplace of their countryman, M.R. Then they dragged him to a sandy area and threatened to harm him if he resisted.

Prosecutors said the defendants raped M.R., one at a time before threatening to beat him and his brother if he told the police about the incident that happened on April 2.

The Dubai Court of First Instance’s Presiding Judge Mohammad Jamal did not cite the charges against the suspects. The judge adjourned the case until the court appoints two lawyers to defend the suspects on June 4.

The suspects were charged with kidnaping and raping M.R. while under the influence of alcohol. They were also charged with threatening M.R.

During Sunday’s hearing, M.N. was spotted holding a waiver which he obtained from the claimant. The court asked him to keep the waiver with him to hand to his defence lawyer.

M.R. testified that A.A. asked him over the phone to meet him at the sandy area close to the market.

“I refused to meet him. A few minutes later, the defendants walked into my workplace and they dragged me out and pulled me by force to the sandy area. They beat me and kicked me… one suspect would pin me down to the ground while the other would rape me. Before they left me, they threatened to beat me and my brother if I informed the police. I went back to my residence and had a shower… the next day my co-worker accompanied me to report the police. Police referred me to Rashid Hospital to obtain a medical report,” said M.R.

The forensic examiner’s report, according to prosecution records, confirmed that M.R. was sexually experienced.