Drinking binge ends in assault that turns fatal

Duo accused of drinking, repeatedly kicking co-worker on his head and causing his death

Gulf News

Dubai: Two carpenters have been accused of repeatedly kicking a co-worker, who died after being hospitalised for nearly one month.

The Indian carpenters, R.M. and Q.I., were said to have been drinking with their countryman near their labour accommodation at Dubai Investment Park when they got into a fight in February.

The victim sustained critical head injuries and was rushed to hospital but he died nearly a one month later, according to records.

Prosecutors accused R.M. and Q.I. of assaulting the victim leading to his death.

Dubai Police’s forensic examiner confirmed that the deceased suffered several infarctions that obstructed the blood supply to different vital centres of the brain and caused his death after the blood circulation and respiration stopped.

The suspects pleaded not guilty and denied being responsible for the victim’s death when they showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors accused the suspects of drinking and beating the victim and causing his death.

“I was too drunk to remember what happened,” R.M. told presiding judge Wajdi Al Menyawi.

His accomplice, Q.I. confessed that he consumed liquor but denied assaulting the victim and being responsible for his death.

A police corporal claimed to prosecutors that Dubai Police’s operations room was alerted about an assault having taken place beside Dubai Investment Park at 1.30am.

“A police squad was dispatched to the location … one of the witnesses who had reported the incident claimed that he and his colleague were walking back to their residence when they spotted the suspects kicking the victim repeatedly on his head. He alleged that the victim’s head was covered with blood. The claimant said the suspects ran away once they spotted them [witnesses]. Primary interrogations led to the arrest of R.M. and Q.I. respectively,” the corporal testified to prosecutors.

Records said the witnesses identified the suspects instantly following their arrest.

A Bangladeshi cleaner [one of the witnesses] claimed to prosecutors that he and his coworker witnessed the suspects kicking the victim on his head while the latter was down on the ground.

“They were repeatedly kicking him while he was down on the ground in an open area near a supermarket. We rushed towards them and they ran away once they spotted us … the victim was covered with blood. We managed to stop one of them and informed the police,” he testified to prosecutors.

Presiding judge Al Menyawi adjourned the hearing until the suspects present their written defence on October 20.