Charges dismissed against Emirati man, YouTube video uploader in road rage assault of Indian driver

Emirati, Indian driver dropped their complaints, says Dubai Attorney-General

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A screengrab from the YouTube video that shows a government official beating a driver using his Ghutra.
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Dubai: The case of an Indian man who filmed an Emirati employee beating a mini bus driver and uploaded it on YouTube, was dropped after the Emirati’s family waived their defamation complaint.

Meanwhile, the assault case against the Emirati was dropped after the Indian driver waived his complaint against the employee.

The Dubai Public Prosecution dismissed the two cases [assault and defamation] that attracted public attention after the video filming the incident was posted on social media networks, according to a media statement issued by the Government of Dubai Media Office.

“The decision to dismiss the charges in both cases came after the litigating parties in both cases dropped their complaints and waived their rights. The investigating authorities initiated all legal actions relevant to the crime to guarantee all parties’ rights pursuant to the applicable laws,” said Dubai’s Attorney-General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan on Sunday.

The statement said the Emirati was dismissed from his work and that he and the Indian, who uploaded the video on the internet, were released from provisional detention.

Al Humaidan stressed the importance of increasing awareness regarding some practices that could be a violation of the law and the consequent moral or tangible damages.

Dubai’s Attorney-General clarified that bad individual behaviour or misconduct cannot be generalised as a social behaviour, and each individual should carry the consequence of his/her actions.

“Tolerance and kindness are basic Emirati values, and the UAE community is characterised by its diversity. The UAE community is a unique model for coexistence and harmony under supremacy of the law that does not distinguish between people, and this value of equality is a fundamental pillar of safety and security,” said Al Humaidan.

He called on Dubai residents not to hesitate to use any evidence that they may have regarding any legal violations or crimes. He stressed the importance of adhering to correct legal procedures by reporting to the police and submitting any evidence to avoid any legal complications despite good faith.

Dubai prosecutors had charged the Emirati employee with physically assaulting the driver while another Indian man was accused of posting a video [footage of the assault] online [YouTube] to cause damage.

As per article 20 of the Criminal Procedures Law, prosecutors dismissed the case against the Emirati after the driver waived his complaint and dropped his accusations.

The Emirati’s family waived their complaint against the Indian man, who filmed the assault incident and posted it on YouTube, hence prosecutors dismissed the defamation case against the Indian.

The family had considered in its defamation complaint [against the Indian] that viewers’ comments that were posted over the internet footage exposed the assaulter’s identity and libelled them.

Since the family dropped the defamation case, the prosecutors dismissed the case and stopped the investigations and decided that the legal procedures that were taken against the Indian were enough.


  • ancy

    Jul 29, 2013 4:43

    I agree with gayatri

  • Mikal

    Jul 29, 2013 3:46

    The claim of defamation by the Emirati and his family is, in most jurisdictions, waived if it is proven that the individual did indeed act in a criminal fashion. Releasing the footage of a crime to the public is not itself a criminal action, this is something very unique to the UAE. It would be prudent if visitors, tourists, workers acquainted themselves with relevant UAE laws which deviate from general practice or intuition.

  • Siby

    Jul 29, 2013 2:46

    When did the indian driver register a complaint? i was under the impression that a high end official saw the video footage on you tube and he initiated the case after taking the video footage as an evidence and i still remember GN quotes that the driver didn't even lodge a complaint even after the abuser got arrested. Anyway i am happy that the YOU TUBE uploader got released. I pray to almighty that his job is till active. If he is working he might be fired by now.

  • M Abdul Rasack

    Jul 29, 2013 2:35

    I Agree with Zakheer thoppil. Most of the Emiratis here are very kind and friendly charecter. They will give priority whenever i am putting my indicator to change the lane while i am driving my car.

  • Rehan

    Jul 29, 2013 2:34

    Why such hype for one of such case, In India and you will find such street fighting incidences on daily basis. UAE is a very disciplined country and rarely you see such incidences happening here in Dubai. Its good that matter is settled outside court. Dubai is a secured place I can go out at anytime even in night without any fear. If I compare to my country law and order situation is far better here then why such hype ?? Dubai police is mature enough to handle such incidences.

  • Anwar

    Jul 29, 2013 2:33

    lets always practice diplomacy and be civilized at all times. no one has the right to hurt a person physically because in the first place we didnt raise them. we didnt feed them.

  • M. Rodrigues

    Jul 29, 2013 2:29

    I cannot comment on the court ruling but, definitely this is definitely going to set a precedent for many drivers in the UAE who seek to take law in their hands. Imagine as family, we are in a similar situation (let alone this bachelor driver in this incident) what would be the reaction of the wife and children to witness the husband / father beaten up in broad daylight and in the presence of so many witnesses and this incident goes viral worldwide via youtube? the anger, hurt, pain. More than anger management its time for the driver who decided to take law into his hands to introspect and not react immediately but, let the traffic authorities do their job. Time we learn to love and give respect to all, with no arrogance. Peace!

  • Rajesh

    Jul 29, 2013 2:14

    Lots of things in the mind, but if i express somebody will put a case against me!!!

  • F A

    Jul 29, 2013 1:45

    From the beginning the authorities were in a hurry to catch the uploader. how can a person get away with public assault? So at last they resolved the issue by freeing everyone. Hence if you assault someone in pubic and the other person has no complaint, can you to do it again? Expatriates come here to work and make a living so that they can feed their families at home and they dont want to be involved in any problems, so other people take advantage of this and harass them and no one cares.

  • charles

    Jul 29, 2013 1:36

    I dont understand why the case was dropped? in your earlier article it was mentioned that the case would go further because the incident that happened was of public interest and the government would take necessary action. But now how can the case be dropped just because both the parties have waived off their complain? does that mean another naive member of the public can get insulted, harassed, defamed by the rich and powerfull and probably get the case waived off again?

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